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For over more than 10 years we custom tours to Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and desired to other South American countries. Our passion for Latin America guarantees a wonderful holiday and great experiences that you will not soon forget. The founders of SATS are Peruvians. Because we are located in the Netherlands, we know exactly what our customers want and we can from our headquarters in Peru you the best possible service. Are you looking for personal and tailored service then you have come to the right place. Read more


Certified Inca Trail Operator

For many travelers, the Inca Trail is the highlight of a trip through Peru. Due to the great interest in the Inca Trail and this many visitors, hit the Inca Trail damaged and polluted. The Peruvian government this intervention and the number of hikers on the trail limited. Are just a few organizations competent Since then organize the Inca Trail. SATS belongs to this select group of organizations.


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